I’ve been a software developer for over 25 years. Or at least, I’ve worked in software development for that long. Apart from writing software, I’ve also spent various periods doing QA, customer support, system administration, operations, leading technical teams and management.

Over that time, I’ve sponged off the work of a great many people over the Internet (and before the Internet). Maybe it’s time to pay a little bit back. So.. this blog will cover some of the interesting things I’ve learned or played with, some of the mistakes I’ve made and hopefully some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way. Actually, I probably won’t talk about the mistakes so much unless they are really good ones.

I’m not sure what topics I’ll be covering, but it will probably be fairly broad – I’m a bit of a generalist.  I figure it’s better to learn something about a lot of things, rather than concentrate on a few deep topics. That way at least you know where to look when you need to solve a problem. Specialisation is for dinosaurs, and I plan to keep dodging that asteroid.

Some things I will probably talk about are stuff that I find interesting: playing about with micro-controllers and FPGAs, doing software development better, amateur astronomy and general recreational programming.